Whales are coming to life, as evidenced by today’s transaction of 4,997 BTCs

Just a few hours ago, a Bitcoin transaction worth more than $ 183M was recorded.

Traders in the Bitcoin market will probably be scared after this report, but it is no wonder, because this whale has quite deep pockets.The transaction was reported a few hours ago by the blockchain tracker Whale Alert, who reported that up to 4,997 BTCs had been transferred from an unknown address to the Bitfinex crypto exchange.

At the time of the transfer, the transaction was worth $ 184,743,890, which means that it is a really large bite that can already move the market in the case of buying or selling.However, whether it is only an internal transfer or it is a real whale, we cannot confirm and therefore the only thing left to wait is whether it was a false alarm or such an order will appear on the Bitfinex exchange.


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