Web3 Game Platform Iskra Raises $40M For Token Generation Event

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  1. Gate.io To Establish ISK Token Value
  2. Web3 Game Platform Iskra

The Web3 community game platform Iskra, which received $40 million from Krust, Wemade, Netmarble, LINE Studio, and other Korean tech giants, intends to host its first Token Generation Event (TGE) on the significant market Gate.io. The TGE is slated to begin at 9:00 am UTC on September 29, 2022.

Gate.io To Establish ISK Token Value

The project is happy to work with an exchange like Gate.io to establish its ISK token value and enable access worldwide for this TGE, one of its significant milestones. Iskra continues to meet its development targets and roll out essential platform components despite the challenging market conditions. As part of the Gate.io Startup program, qualified users can stake USDT beginning September 28, 2022, at 6:00 am UTC for the following 24 hours to gain up to 500,000 ISK tokens.

“We are lucky to cooperate with and launch with one of the top 10 trading exchanges in the world,” Iskra CEO Eugene Lee said.

With over 10 million members across 224 countries, Gate.io has a daily trade volume of over $12 billion.

Web3 Game Platform Iskra

The future of play is Iskra. Some of Korea’s most important technological and game businesses support the company. ISKRA’s community-forward system aligns the community’s interests by compensating its stakeholders based on their involvement and implementing sustainable token comic solutions for game creators who join its platform. The business aims to close the adoption gap between early adopters and the majority of web three by fusing fun, sustainability, and cutting-edge blockchain technology.


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