Twitter seems to be testing the ability to display Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses on profiles

Twitter seems to be testing the addition of crypto features to its Tip Jar service, according to a mobile developer who claims to have reverse-engineered the feature.

Alessandro Paluzzi posted screenshots today that display interfaces allowing users to add their Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profiles. Beneath each prompt, a notice reads: “People will send payments to the [Bitcoin or Ethereum] address you’ve entered above.”

The idea is to enable users to receive tips in crypto through the Tip Jar feature, according to Paluzzi. The service allows users to send funds to other accounts. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey implied Bitcoin would be integrated with the Tip Jar back in July. Yesterday, Paluzzi leaked images showing that Twitter is trialing the ability to tip in the cryptocurrency with the help of the Bitcoin Lightning app Strike. 

To receive bitcoin tips, it seems a Strike account will be necessary. However, users do not need to link a Strike account to add their Bitcoin address to their profile, according to Paluzzi.

Though Twitter didn’t formally confirm Paluzzi’s findings, lead product developer Kayvon Beykpour quote-tweeted Paluzzi yesterday with the lightning and “soon” arrow emojis. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment on Paluzzi’s new findings in time for publication.


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