This Project Is Paving the Way for the Future of Digital Consumer Experiences

Epik Prime is leading the march into an exciting future of digital merchandising and NFT collectibles

A digital renaissance is well and truly underway; with the relentless evolution of blockchain technology, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have emerged, changing the way value can be bought, sold, stored and shared. As this near limitless potential is increasingly utilised by artists, musicians, performers and global brands, the world is now unable to ignore what blockchain technology can offer the future gaming, art, virtual and augmented reality industries.

With the most sought after NFT artwork by now world-famous artist Beeple fetching just under $70 million USD at auction at Christie’s, the demand for NFTs is booming. Alongside this boom, the appetite for immersive and exciting digital experiences is also growing; fans and consumers are now able to meet their favourite artists in a digital world, or enjoy and share their favourite collectibles in a digital community within one of many hyper-realistic metaverses out there on the market.

Epik Prime is recognised as a pioneer within the NFT industry, working with some of the world’s best known brands, game companies, record labels and more to explore avenues into the future of the digital collectibles and events spaces. Having been founded in 2018, Epik Prime has since helped hundreds of brands and game companies to produce premium digital items and experiences for millions of gamers, fans and consumers around the globe.Crossover CollaborationsEpik Prime works with globally recognized brand clients such as Warner Music Group and Universal, bringing well-known performance artists and bands onto the world’s best virtual and 3D world stages such as Avakin Life and Sinespace. By merging brands and merchandisers with each other in both the physical and digital worlds, Epik Prime gives consumers a whole new realm of opportunity to experience events like they have never been able to before.By introducing brands with the endless possibilities today presented by digital platforms and blockchain technology, Epik Prime offers benefits for all parties involved; Games and publishers can lower business development and licensing costs whilst at the same time, brands can gather more consumer data and increase transparency on their payment processes; the consumer of course benefits from an enhanced experience and a vast array of purchasing options.Epik Prime: Facilitating the Future of Digital Collectibles and MerchandisingThe rise of NFTs has enabled brands and individuals to offers consumers an entirely new form of value; singers can immortalize moments from a live act or music album and distribute them to fans in the form of digital collectibles, and the gaming industry has been able to add a whole new layer of excitement to gameplay, with players now hunting for NFT treasure or competing for rare in-game NFT items.Epik Prime has been building bridges between the various entertainment sectors and the NFT world for several years, collaborating with well known brands and personalities and enabling them to increase revenue by means of integration with the digital collectibles world. “We believe that digital items are the future of consumer products and play an increasingly central role in ownership and the way we express ourselves individually. We see collections of digital items as representations of personal memories and achievements while conveying attributes like status, identity, membership, class, and performance.” – Victor David, Epik CEOWorking with AAA gaming platforms and the world’s largest entertainment IP brands, Epik Prime is quickly becoming a leading B2B NFT platform in the industry. With Tencent, Garena, World of Dance and Sony Music just some of the brands on their current client roster, the company is set to become a central player in the future of digital collectibles and merchandising. Epik Prime has announced that it will be conducting an IDO (initial DEX offering) event on the popular DaoMaker platform sometime in May 2021.


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