This Company Says You Can Now Buy Helicopters With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has recorded a new turn in its adoption as it has now visited the aviation industry. The acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method was recently announced by a private helicopter company, Hill Helicopters.

The UK-based helicopter company is now accepting Bitcoin as payment from anyone who wishes to buy their HX50 helicopters and has even already accepted their first-ever bitcoin payment from a client.

Following its pre-orders launch last year, potential customers were welcomed to pay in advance for the HX50 helicopter that will be produced in 2023.

To aid the Bitcoin payment transaction, Hill Helicopters decided to partner with CoinCorner, a cryptocurrency exchange service provider based mainly in Europe and the UK. 

Commenting on this unique development, Jason Hill, founder and CEO of Hill Helicopters, said:

In what was a first for Hill Helicopters, we have just accepted payment in Bitcoin from a client for the HX50 helicopter, with several more to follow. This was processed through CoinCorner, and represents an exciting new dimension to placing an order for this stunning luxury aircraft, one that will particularly suit private pilot-owners.”

Business development manager at CoinCorner, Ben Collins expressed his happiness about the partnership, saying: 

“We’re really excited to announce this unique partnership; it’s been a pleasure to work with Hill Helicopters to help grow Bitcoin adoption in the aviation sector.”

Although the latest partnership is CoinCorner’s first with a company in the aviation industry, the company also boasts other vehicle companies among its ranks, including Rex Motor Company and SkillamNaylor Car Company. 

In a similar development, Coinfomania reported that a Canada-based electric car manufacturing company, Daymak Inc, announced that in 2023, it will produce a car that will mine bitcoin when parked.


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