The $1 Million Bet: Will LUNA’s Price Be Higher or Lower in a Year?

Two members of the crypto community engaged in a $1 million bet on whether the price of LUNA will be higher or lower than its current in a year from now.

Although many exciting developments take place quite often in the cryptocurrency space, it’s not every day we see someone betting a million dollars on whether or not the price of a coin would be higher or lower than the current. Well, that’s exactly what happened hours ago.

  • Well-known cryptocurrency community member going by the Twitter pseudonym AglodTrading said yesterday that he’s willing to bet anyone $1,000,000 that the price of LUNA will be lower than its current in 1 year.

And while it may seem like an awful lot of money to wager on a bet of the kind, it didn’t take long for the founder of Terra – Do Kwon – to take it up.

  • Kwon further proposed to do a bet where UST isn’t de-pegged the same time next year, and he is even giving 2:1 odds for it. It doesn’t seem that his last bet was taken at the time of this writing.
  • Both parties agreed on the following terms of the bet:

Cobie receives 1M USDT from us each

-Next year same day, if price of LUNA as reported by coingecko is higher than 88? He delivers the LUNA to me, if not, he gives it to you

  • They agreed for the 24-hour average price of LUNA on March 14th, 2023, to be the deciding factor. The money is already sent, and can the address can be tracked here.


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