Staff at Biggest Dutch Domino’s Pizza Franchise Can Now Be Paid in Bitcoin

The franchisee with 16 Domino’s stores is partnering with BTC Direct to offer the salary option to its 1,000 employees.

A Domino’s Pizza franchisee in the Netherlands is offering to pay its employees in bitcoin (BTC, -5.98%) – appropriately starting on Bitcoin Pizza Day.Staff taking up the option will be able to choose how much of their salary above the minimum wage – which must be paid in euros by law – they wish to receive in bitcoin, according to an announcement Saturday.The franchisee, Immensus Holdings, is Holland’s largest with 16 Domino’s stores, and will offer the salary option in partnership with Dutch fiat-to-crypto gateway BTC Direct.The company has over 1,000 internal and external employees who can opt into the scheme.“We work with a lot of young employees. We hear them talking about bitcoin and we want to offer the opportunity to own cryptocurrency,” Immensuus co-owner Jonathan Gurevich said.The news was announced on Bitcoin Pizza Day, which commemorates the first time bitcoin was used as a form of payment when developer Laszlo Hanyecz used 10,000 BTC to pay for two pizzas on May 22, 2010.That amount of bitcoin is worth almost $410 million at time of writing.


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