Stably integrates USDC & USDS deposits/withdrawals for Stellar-based wallets

Stably, a stablecoin-as-a-service solution, today announced it has a new stablecoin bridge on the Stellar Network for Stellar’s USDC. This integration includes Stellar USDC (a USD stablecoin issued by Circle and governed by the Centre Consortium), and USDS, Stably’s Stellar-based USD stablecoin.

This partnership extends a widely adopted ecosystem standard to Stellar USDC; allowing Stellar-based applications and wallets to seamlessly facilitate deposits and withdrawals of the asset for their users.In addition, through Stably’s payments account, Stably Prime, the Stellar ecosystem will have access to a white-label wallet platform that allows its users to serve customers in the US and abroad leveraging their own brands. Stably white-label services also extend to stablecoins; providing enterprises the ability to issue their own branded Stellar-based stablecoins for use throughout the Stellar ecosystem.“Our partnership and this integration is a step towards achieving that goal together, as we show the value and opportunity of a global network of stablecoins, supporting the Stellar ecosystem with the infrastructure they need to use Stellar USDC. It’s evident that the launch of USDC on Stellar brings exciting new partners and Stably’s latest offering speaks to our inspiring network of innovators and what our ecosystem can achieve together.”


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