Sportemon Go Developing Sports NFTs Backed by Superstars and Authenticated by VRF Solution of Chainlink

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Sportemon Go, a rising star and a standout for collectible sports NFTs, is reportedly creating a next-generation Sports NFTs powered by Superstars and verified by the VRF Solution of Chainlink. The SGO Token-powered Sportemon Go has been verified by Chainlink with cross-chain potential and all thanks to the partnership with Verve Network.

Sportemon Go Creating Sports NFTs, Acquires Verification from Chainlink

It has been witnessed that with the recent outburst in the crypto space, a lot of new NFT platforms are rising up from the ashes.

However, it should be noted that only some of them have been able to provide the service they promised initially. 

What is there about Sportemon Go that makes it distinct from all the other platforms already existing is its multi-layered platform.

Allowing the users to participate in mini-games, loyalty collections and even earning rare rewards, also allows the users to collect NFTs.

Founded back in the year 2018 by Ricky and Corey Jackson along with the eminent background in generating expendable global sports business, across trading cards, and sporting software. 

Most recently, Sportemon Go has amalgamated with Chainlink VRF on the Binance Smart Chain and now added cross-chain potentialities for which Verve Network should be thanked.

Future Ventures of the Firm

Revealing the future plans of the company, the firm said:

“We plan to expand our integration in the future, connecting with other Chainlink data feeds, more global media partners, top tier brand betting, and lotto partners to empower new user experiences.” 

This will be allowing Sportemon Go to mint NFT trading cards and power-up play based on individual player stats and lie-in opportunities.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the Sportemon Go will be utilizing the Verifiable Random Function of Chainlink for on-chain randomness to settle games instantly.


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