Someone is redirecting to Sushiswap’s DEX site

Someone behind the domain is redirecting traffic to the site of the Sushiswap decentralized exchange.

As of May 1, was still showing that the site was offline and its service was unavailable. It appears that someone has purchased the domain and the site now automatically redirects to the trading page of Sushiswap, a Uniswap competitor in the decentralized exchange space.

Besides sharing the same name, is not affiliated with the actual trading page of Uniswap. According to Uniswap Lab’s trademark guidelines, “UNISWAP®, UNI™, and UNISWAP LABS™ are trademarked by the firm behind the Uniswap exchange.

It’s unclear at this stage who is behind the domain. 0xMaki, an anonymous Sushiswap contributor, said on Twitter on Tuesday that the Sushiswap team didn’t purchase or “any domain names aside from the .fi and .org ones.”

Until 2017, was an online marketplace for exchanging goods. It had remain offline since 2018 until early May this year, archived pages show.

This is also not the first time that unknown owners behind a web domain that bears the name of a Sushiswap competitor have redirected to the Sushiswap DEX site., which has the name of Pancakeswap, has also been automatically directing traffic to Sushiswap since March.


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