Smartzip’s New Chainlink Node to Supply Real Estate Data

SmartZip, the leading predictive analysis provider, recently launched a new Chainlink node. It will allow SmartZip to share its real estate data across different blockchain networks. The development will certainly enhance its market reach while keeping up with the modern blockchain standards.

The modern market is run by data, and SmartZip has established prestige by delivering accurate real estate data for a long time. Now it has joined hands with Chainlink’s oracle network to launch a node. The node will act as a secure middleware, enhancing SmartZip APIs compatibility across blockchain networks.

Now, SmartZip can share data like rental rates, real estate prices, predictive pricing models, and regional trends to blockchain-based apps. The data will be cryptographically signed, verifying that the figures originated from SmartZip. 

It will allow smart contract developers to call SmartZip’s node for real-time, crypto-signed AVM data. Thus, developers can develop dApps revolving around the data, helping proprietors throughout the globe. What will that proffer? The dApps will facilitate uses like:

  • Evaluating NFTs representing real estate
  • Establishing new insurance models
  • Using new DeFi collaterals

Experts’ Take on the Development

“Thomas Hall (Deal Flow’s Chief Architect) shared his delight to integrate the node within the Deal Flow app. He stated that the integration would assist real estate investors avail of off-market investment prospects. Plus, offering precise data to investors is pivotal for Deal Flow’s ethics and objectives.

Chainlink’s oracle network is renowned globally for its security and functionality. With the latest SmartZip Chainlink node, Deal Flow now possesses a single gateway for data delivery on different platforms. The node was easy to set up and integrate as it took minimal efforts and time.“

“Similarly, Robert Reardon (SmartZip’s GM) expressed his thrill as well. Robert stated that SmartZip is delighted to launch a Chainlink node. He believes that SmartZip’s data will directly assist next-gen real estate apps and proceedings. He also added that the node will allow SmartZip to join esteemed blockchain networks now and in the future. It is pivotal for future-proof solutions and leveraging our data on popular blockchain networks like Ethereum.”

SmartZip uses 24 sources and over a billion data points on commercial and residential real estate to formulate its predictive analysis models. It allows investors to target specific regions and markets to find the best prices and ample opportunities. The node will help multiple sectors other than real estates like DeFi, blockchain, and insurance. With its help, smart contract developers can establish a transparent, efficient, and fair real estate ecosystem.

SmartZip, the renowned predictive analysis provider, will now use a Chainlink node to facilitate its data on multiple blockchain networks. The development will help investors get viable data in real-time while also helping smart contract developers to create dApps. The node will help the real estate industry keep up with mass blockchain adoption now and in the future.


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