Shiba Inu Recap: From Strategic DeFi Partnerships To Fractionalization Of The Original Doge NFT

Shiba Inu has had a busy week, with more than a couple of important announcements. With PleasrDAO announcing that it would be fractionalizing the $6 Million Doge NFT, to the announcement of a strategic partnership between Shiba and the Civilization token.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant developments that took place in the Shiba Inu ecosystem over the past week.

Shiba Inu Announces Strategic Partnership With Civilization

ShibaSwap, the exchange that was launched by the 600,000+ Shiba Inu decentralized community, awarded special status and rewards to the civilization token. The Civilization token (CIV) was launched on Ethereum on the 31st of July. The token allows all users to access the benefits of decentralized investments, thanks to its strategic partnership with Shibaswap.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The partnership is mutually beneficial to both projects, as it creates awareness about the newly created and decentralized Shiba Inu exchange. On the other hand, Civilization (CIV) gets to highlight the new CIV Investment Fund technology. Users of Shibaswap will be able to access the CIV platform investment, giving the entire Shiba community new opportunities.

Civilization already has over $3 Million in total locked value and a market capitalization already over $40 Million. Civilization is making significant strides towards its goal of building the first Decentralized Investment Fund using Artificial Intelligence. The WOOF-list status on Shibaswap allows those Civilization investors who choose to provide liquidity to access additional benefits.

Transforming DeFi Staking And Investment

CIV and its decentralized community aim to transform DeFi staking and investment completely. It plans to do this through community-driven decision-making that is made possible through a trustless system. The CIV community acts as its own bank and funds its own projects that community leaders and DAO-voting have selected.

PleasrDAO To Fractionalize Doge NFT

PleasrDAO has announced that it plans to fractionalize the original Doge NFT, currently worth $6 Million,  into billions of pieces. The fractionalizing will allow everyone to own a piece of the original image. The rare NFT is a tribute to the Doge movement that started in 2013. Atsuko Sato, the owner of the Shiba Inu called Kabosu, minted the original photo as an NFT and sold it to PleasrDAO for a record-breaking 1696 ETH.

This fractionalization is the biggest exercise in fractional ownership, starting from the 1st of September. PleasrDAO will offer exposure to the Doge NFT through 16,969,696,969 ERC-20 $DOG tokens. Initially, only 20% of the total DOG supply will be made available in the auction, while an additional 25% will be made available to $DOG community programs and will be used to continue development.

The auction will take place on Miso, a decentralized auction platform, and the tokens will be available for purchase through Wrapped ETH (WETH).

$SHIB Listed On Webull

The Shiba Inu Twitter handle also tweeted out the news that the $SHIB token is now listed on Webull, with users now able to trade $SHIB on the trading platform.


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