Satoshi Block Dojo Announces New Initiative to Boost BSV Ecosystem

Satoshi Block Dojo to Boost BSV Ecosystem via 12-Week Program

London-based BSV incubator Satoshi Block Dojo is preparing to kickstart a 12-week program that will train and support BSV developers and boost the network’s ecosystem. Successful candidates will be eligible for investment opportunities, support, and funding of up to £150,000.

In an interview with Coingeek, SBD’s co-founder Craig Massey dwelled on the details of the accelerator program. He also talked about the six startups that have already been selected and what distinguishes them from the others. 

Massey explained that unlike incubators that “pay lip service” and “do a very small amount of work,” his team is deeply involved with the initiative, and he assists mentees with fundraising. Additionally, selected companies receive £10,000 as a golden hello and access to all the contacts that Massey and Dojo team members have built in the industry.

The BSV proponent hopes to connect startups with investors and R&D partners early in the program so that they can deliver valuable solutions quickly. He also wants to organize “commercial hackathons” where startups are matched with corporate entities and developers are encouraged to engineer solutions for the latter.

So, What is Bitcoin SV?

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision or BSV is a fork of the Bitcoin Cash network, whose block size is decided by market forces. The network was founded in 2018 by Australian businessman Craig Wright, who has previously claimed to be Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi  Nakamoto.

BSV has endured three significant attacks this year, which have taken a toll on the network’s credibility. In July, Binance announced that it would suspend BSV mining pools after an attack allowed users to double-spend the crypto.

Notably, BSV tokens are not available on most major crypto exchanges. That’s because many of them  — Kraken, Okcoin, Coinbase, Binance, Independent Reserve and ShapeShift — have delisted the cryptocurrency in response to Wright’s behavior.

Interestingly, Wright isn’t deterred by any of these efforts. In June, he won a copyrights case against for sharing Nakamoto’s whitepaper on Bitcoin. Wright was declared the winner because’s pseudonymous owner Cobra refused to appear in the court.


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