Rob Frasca Considers Ndau Adaptive Cryptocurrency as an Adaptive Store of Value

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The Director at Oneiro, Rob Frasca, considers Ndau should as an adaptive store of value. The concept of an adaptive store of value is gradually appealing to the institutional investors joining the crypto space and blockchain.

Rob Frasca, Oneiro Talks Ndau as an Adaptive Store of Value

This kind of asset now exists as a digital currency with a built-in monetary policy, Ndau, that captures the overall market growth while maintaining stability during market downturns.

Demand for Ndau has grown over the past few weeks after it got listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange and a $1 million investment by Investview. The combined value of its supply is now over $139 million.

In a recent discussion with the Director at Oneiro, Robert Frasca, to learn more about what makes this asset so appealing. Talking about Frasca, he is a seasoned tech entrepreneur who has led successful startups which were acquired by Nielsen, Lycos, and Intuit.

In addition to this, he also serves as a Managing Partner at Cosimo X, the first-ever evergreen tokenized investment fund.

When Rob was asked about Ndau, and how it manages to fit into the digital currency space, he said:

“When you think about crypto and what’s going on out there, one of the things that you’ve got to look at is where the market is in terms of overall adoption.”

Along with this, he said:

“Ndau is designed to be an adaptive currency that’s really focused on the long-term store value. And it’s proof of stake currency. One of the things I always talk about is that I’m an early dotcom guy. In fact, I actually started the very first financial service on the Internet back in 1993.”

Tracking the Later-Stage Adopters

When Rob was asked how he tracks the later-stage adopters, he revealed that it is not a matter of tracking the later-stage adopters. Everything it means is that the size of the market is going to rise notably.

He said:

“We also know that most technology adoption grows exponentially, that is what makes this even more exciting. What Ndau is trying to do is position itself as this long-term store value. With the emerging decentralized financing market over $100 billion and evolving, reliable collateral, or long term store of value becomes essential.”


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