One of the six new companies which have been added to the MouseBelt blockchain accelerator

More companies join the blockchain setupSeek removal of problems with blockchain technologyOpportunity to identify highly trained and qualified talentSeveral firms adopt the blockchain process, and the latest is PG&E. In a new partnership, it investigates how best to utilize blockchain through new collaborations. PG&E is one of the largest companies providing public utility. One of the six new entities added to the MouseBelt blockchain accelerator last week, as reported by Coindesk.


PG&E, an acronym for The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, is a San Francisco-based company and supplies natural gas and electricity to 5.2 million households in the northern two-thirds of California. As per a report by Coindesk, PG&E is researching blockchain technology and is looking for collaborators via the MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance.Headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US, the MouseBelt Blockchain Education Alliance was founded in 2017 by Alexander Levin Holz, Galen Danziger, Patrick McLain. Other companies that have joined the blockchain accelerator include Mastercard, Stellar, ING Bank, Rolls-Royce, and Binance, and Ripple’s incubator arms. The company specializes in linking corporate blockchain projects with researchers, students, and new protocols. TO BRIDGE THE LEARNING CURVEIn an interview, Mr. Eban Hamdani, a senior product manager at PG&E, told Coindesk that it was a good and learning process to see what other companies are doing and observe research around blockchain. With blockchain technology coming of age, it is no surprise that more and more companies are joining hands and showing interest in blockchain technology. It was stated by Adam Leon, MouseBelt’s vice president of partnerships, and quoted by Coindesk. Adam added that through such programs, companies could zero upon highly skilled and qualified talent. It will help open opportunities for innovative research and eventually provide solutions to complicated problems.


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