The Ethereum-based ecosystem for supply chain use cases – OriginTrail has published a document detailing their integration with Polkadot (DOT). With that in mind, it is pretty much evident that it’s all systems go for the said protocol to rollout parachains for the network.  


Per the document released by OriginTrail, its purpose is to detail the approach as to how they will launch their integration into the Polkadot ecosystem through the introduction of the OriginTrail parachain network which according to them is on this “Starfleet stage.” The parachain network’s objective is to “host a smart contract capable blockchain, tailor-made to facilitate the needs and features of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph.”  

It was also noted that the initial implementation of the parachain is planned as a parachain on both Kusama and Polkadot as this has been devised by the core developers of OriginTrail alongside the Parity team (builders of core blockchain infrastructure). Kusama, on the other hand, is a scalable network of specialized blockchains that are built using Substrate, not to mention that it has the same codebase as Polkadot’s. Somewhat of kin to the protocol. GAVIN WOOD: POLKADOT LAUNCH ‘IS BEGINNING’ Its creator, Gavin Wood, stated Tuesday that the final phase (phase five) in Polkadot’s launch “is beginning.” He also said that the parachains’ launch would push through and will be followed by a full external audit on Polkadot and Kusama’s new iterations and will execute “at least one successful auction involving crowdloans and hosting at least one functional parachain” in the wild, Cointelegraph writes. Further, he did mention that it is expected that Polkadot’s auctions will soon follow after Kusama’s first auction has been completed.

There were previous speculations late last year that the parachains would be rolled out in the first quarter of this year. However, issues with the Rococo testnet’s stability may well seem to have caused the holdup.


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