Oracle Network Cudos Partners With Liquid Staking Platform Persistence

  • Oracle network Cudos collaborates with Persistence.
  • Persistence emphasizes, pSTAKE, AssetMantle, and Comdex.
  • Persistence contains more than 50 validators on its network.
  • Cudos enables scaling to 100,000 nodes from computing resources.

Cudos Network, an Oracle network, partners with Persistence, a multi-asset protocol that emphasizes staking-as-a-service (, liquid staking (pSTAKE), non-fungible tokens (AssetMantle), and commodities (Comdex).

Moreover, the Persistence ecosystem products are designed to stimulate global liquidity and enhance seamless value exchange. Its core mainnet is a PoS based on the Tendermint Byzantine fault tolerance consensus engine.

Multichain tech stack of Persistence which presently supports Cosmos, Ethereum, and other Tendermint-related chains. Thismmultichain tech stack abstracts away the complexities for developers. This will also enhance them to develop decentralized exchanges, marketplaces and also lending and borrowing platforms.

This evergrowing Persistence contains a backers bunch which includes Terra, Tendermint, Interchain, and LuneX. Persistence contains more than 50 validators on its network. Last year, the platform raised a $3.7 million fund from industry heavyweights. In order to connect traditional finance and decentralized finance through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This enables Cudos to be confident to have a great collaboration with Persistence, mainly with its validator arm

Persistence Strategy and Business Development Rudraj Mehta said,

Cudos’ efficient layer-two scaling solution to foster the growth of decentralized computing by tapping into unused computing resources is a game-changer…We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership as Cudos’ ecosystem grows in the coming years.

Nuno Pereira, Vice President of Partnerships at Cudos mentioned that’s support is highly required for Cudos and its ecosystem. presently supports over 15 networks, with over $300 million in assets under delegation. offers the best infrastructure with high redundant information centers over many geo-locations, state-of-the-art security with many sentry nodes to reduce the risk of denial-of-service attacks. Along with a team of security experts that help reach 24/7 operations. In addition, enhances the Cudos network safer, stronger and healthier.

On other hand, the Cudos Network is a layer-one blockchain and layer-two computation and oracle network. The platform enhances decentralized, permissionless access to high-performance computing at scale. Cudos enables scaling to 100,000 nodes from computing resources. Once connected onto ETH, DOT, ALGO, and ATOM, Cudos will offer scalable computing and layer-two oracles on all of the bridged blockchains.


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