Once Ripple Settles Its Case, XRP and Crypto Market Will Take Off, David Gokhshtein Says, Here’s Why

Head of PAC Protocol and Gokhshtein Media, crypto influencer David Gokhshtein, has taken to Twitter to share his take on the potential positive outcome of the Ripple-SEC case.

As soon as it is settled, he reckons, XRP and the whole crypto market will take off.

The reason for that, according to him, will be the fact that the SEC will finally provide some clarity regarding crypto. This was a condition on which Ripple chief Brad Garlinghouse would agree to settle with the SEC, according to his recent interview. In particular, he wants to have “absolute certainty about XRP”. He warned his readers that the tweet was not financial advice.

Once Ripple settles their case, you’ll see now only $XRP take off, but the market as well.

That’s because we’ll finally have some sort of clarity that will be available.

Personal Opinion.

NFA— David Gokhshtein (@davidgokhshtein) October 22, 2021


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