Novelship marketplace to accept cryptocurrencies as payment method

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• The virtual agency in Asia will provide the best system to pay with cryptos.
• Novelship partners with Triple-A to meet its goals.

Novelship, a marketplace dedicated to selling collectible products, sneakers, or other limited items, announced that it would accept Bitcoin and other token payments. As the market recovers from a downtrend, large Asian companies have used its popularity to promote payments.

The company believes that crypto has a great future ahead of it. Therefore, it wants to promote a reliable payment source through TripleA that would correspond to a unique crypto platform for merchants. According to reports, the Novelship associate complies with the parameters of the Singapore regulators in KYC and AML systems.

Virtual agencies in Asia will accept Bitcoin as payment


For some time, Bitcoin’s popularity in the Asian market has grown as the best-decentralized currency. Novelship recognizes that BTC is a good option for digital payments. That is why the agency has adopted the business so its users can access these fast, secure payments with low commission rates.

The executive director of the virtual agency, Xia Richard, said that the Novelship market is renewed towards cryptocurrencies after reading the requests of its clients. Xi believes that the agency’s innovation is essential to attract more clients in the territory.

According to Xia, this update in payment methods was promoted after an investigation. To make this goal possible, the agency has partnered with the TripleA crypto platform that will receive the tokens.

Novelship and TripleA partnership to boost crypto trade in Asia

Crypto trading in Asia seemed to evaporate a year after a complete ban on Bitcoin in China and nearby countries. However, Novelship and TripleA show that payments with Bitcoin or other tokens are still latent within the continent.

According to the head of the crypto platform, Eric Barbier, his team is eager to work with the virtual market in Asia to meet the customer’s demand and use the tokens as payment. TripleA aims to make Novelship a great crypto market that evolves all trading in Asia. However, know that both the virtual agency and the crypto platform have to follow the conditions imposed by the regulators.

The TripleA crypto platform is backed by regulators in Singapore, complies with anti-money laundering laws, and maintains a KYC scheme. So far, the virtual agency in Asia has not said what other cryptos it will accept besides Bitcoin. EthereumDogecoin, Shiba Inu, and a couple of stablecoins like Tether and BUSD are expected to be on the list of acceptable tokens.


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