NFL Legend Tom Brady Says Laser Eyes Didn’t Work for Bitcoin

NFL superstar Tom Brady has begrudgingly admitted that his laser eyes didn’t make Bitcoin go up.        

Hmmmm should I change it??— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) May 10, 2021

After the 43-year-old quarterback tapped into the popular meme in May, many started joking about him being a top signal.    

Brady happened to change his Twitter profile picture just two days before Elon Musk made his now-infamous announcement about Tesla suspending Bitcoin payments, which precipitated a major market crash.

The largest cryptocurrency is down 40 percent since the day the seven-time Super Bowl winner donned his laser eyes.     

Brady is now asking his followers to suggest him some other ideas, but red laser eyes are still plastered over his own.

Like husband, like wife

Back in November 2007, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who married Brady in 2009, insisted that she should be paid in euros instead of dollars.

She ditched the greenback just a week after it dropped to a record low against the euro.

Alas, the euro rally peaked in only three months after Bündchen reportedly made the switch.

It appears that her husband’s laser eyes were a similar countertrade indicator in hindsight.  


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