NFL Free Agent Who Converted Salary to Bitcoin Says Other Players Inquiring About BTC

Professional football player Sean Culkin is revealing that other pros in the National Football League (NFL) are demonstrating interest in Bitcoin following his decision to be paid in BTC.

In an interview with Fox Business, the free agent who played as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs for part of the 2020 season says that he’s been receiving inquiries from other players concerning the flagship crypto asset.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about crypto privately from guys in the league, and we’re seeing more and more teams and players getting involved.”

Culkin points out that concerns over currency debasement are driving the NFL players to Bitcoin.

“It wasn’t that long ago that only a few of us knew what it was all about. But players understand firsthand that fiat currency depreciates over time, and they tend to grasp the concept of Bitcoin as a store of value right away…

Bitcoin is inflationary resistant. It also offers more utility and scalability than gold due to its technological properties — value can be transferred anywhere with Bitcoin without the friction that comes with gold — transportation, security, time. Bitcoin is digital gold that is more conducive to future generations’ use of technology.”

Despite Bitcoin having recently fallen more than 50% from it’s record high of $64,802, Culkin discloses that he will continue holding and accumulating.

“Volatility is part of crypto. For me, the initial investment thesis remains intact and I couldn’t imagine selling Bitcoin right now due to short-term volatility. My time horizon has always been long, and I view these price movements as opportunities to increase my position size.”


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