Monsters Clan: The First Ever NFT-Based Monster Game

For a long time now, playing video games has always been because we wanted to have fun or just relax, but in the last year, playing games has taken another dimension entirely. Now, you do not only get fun and relaxation while playing games, but you can also earn money from the games as well. The technology behind gaming has not been stagnant, and I like the direction that it is moving in. 

In this article, I’ll talk about one game that offers you the opportunity to make money from a place where you formerly would just have fun. That game is Monsters Clan. 

What is Monsters Clan?

Monsters Clan is an action and thriller game that is NFT-based. It is the first-ever third-person NFT game. Users are allowed to own monsters and they can fight their monsters against other monsters in challenging battle modes to earn Monster tokens. This game is blockchain-based and is developed in a way that it shows the lifestyle of Monsters in their world. A movie that quickly comes to mind is Monster University. 

As a player, you’re able to collect, own, generate and play your monster(s) against others. You get to do all these in an environment that’s both conducive and exciting gaming-wise while earning tokens for yourself that can be changed to real fiat currencies in a marketplace

The IGO of Monsters Clan will be launched on three launchpads: 

  • Seedify
  • Prostarter and 
  • Red Kite

The token will be listed on Pancakeswap on the 15th of September 2021. The listing price will be $0.15 and the Initial Market Cap will be $243,000.

Some partners of Monsters Clan include Chainlink, Polygon, Seedify.Fund, Dutch Crypto Investors, AU21, DuckDAO, Oracle Investment Group, Prostarter, Dreamboat Capital, etc. 

There are three main types of monsters in Monsters Clan. They are:

  • The Potioner — These monsters are only able to make potions. Because of this, they do not fight battles and are not available in the PVP battle mode. 
  • The Fighter — These monsters are built to fight. They do not know how to make potions. 
  • The Master — These monsters are a hybrid of the first two. They can make potions and are built for fighting too.

How to earn with Monsters

NFTs have revolutionized the gaming landscape. Playing games is now more fun because of the NFT and play-to-earn gaming models. In the first half of 2021, we saw a new record of NFT sales as the industry sales surpassed $2.5 billion. The adaptation of NFTs in play-to-earn games is fast becoming a source of income for gamers.

NFTs are included in Monsters Clan to give players the ability to own and the option to trade their in-game assets whenever they want. With this game, players can earn:

  • NFTs

Owning an NFT (especially gaming ones) is the goal for most crypto enthusiasts and gamers. With Monsters Clan, you can achieve that goal. As a player, you will be able to win and earn different NFTs by winning special fight tournaments and through upcoming NFT lotteries. Monsters Clan is the first-ever game to introduce ‘NFTNomics’. NFTNomics is a dedicated plan to provide holders of the $MONS token with the opportunity to win NFTs. 

  • Coins and Gems 

Coins and Gems are the in-game currencies a player requires to gain access to different features and activities on the platform. Coins will be charged as participating fees for tournaments, challenges, and battle modes. Gems will be the in-game currency needed for special upgrades or for boosting different activities. 

When players win their battles, complete their challenges, and perform well in other activities, they earn both coins and gems. And having a good amount of these coins and gems will go a long way in determining whether a player would be very successful on the Monsters Clan platform. 

  • $MONS Tokens

$MONS is a BEP-20 token that will be used by players to buy, sell, and rent (yes, rent) NFT items to grow their gaming career and become successful players in the Monsters Clan NFT game.

Some utility of the $MONS token includes buying or selling monsters, buying or selling monster potions and special feeds, renting Cauldrons, renting monster caves, and buying packages of gems. 

  • Rent NFTs

For the first time, gamers on blockchain-based gaming platforms will be able to rent NFTs. Players can put their in-game assets up for rent on the Monsters Clan Marketplace for other players who do not have those assets to rent. This way, the players who put their assets up for rent can earn passive income on the platform. 


Total Supply — 100,000,000 $MONS

Seed round — 7,000,000 @ $0.10

Strategic round — 5,000,000 @ $0.13

IDO round — 3,000,000 @ $0.15

Total Sales Raised — $1,800,000

Token Allocation

Play to Earn — 30% (30,000,000 $MONS) 

Core Team — 20% (20,000,000 $MONS) 

Advisors — 15% (15,000,000 $MONS) 

Economic Fund — 15% (15,000,000 $MONS) 

Seed Round — 7% (7,000,000 $MONS) 

Strategic Round — 5% (5,000,000 $MONS) 

Liquidity — 5% (5,000,000 $MONS) 

IDO Round — 3% (3,000,000 $MONS) 

Vesting Schedule 

  • Play to Earn — Strategic release as per game plan 
  • Core Team — 100% quarterly vesting
  • Advisors — 100% quarterly vesting 
  • Economic Fund — Strategic release as per game plan 
  • Seed Round — 5% at TGE with monthly vesting till Q4 2023 making up 95%. 
  • Strategic Round — 5% at TGE with monthly vesting till Q4 2023 making up 95%.
  • Liquidity —Strategic release as per market demand 
  • IDO Round — 34% at TGE with 33% in Q3, Q4 respectively. 


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