Marketing Tricks Elon Musk Has Used to Promote Dogecoin

Table of contents

  1. Owning Dogecoin Assets 
  2. Tweeting and Engaging in Online Conversations About DOGE 
  3. Integrating DOGE as a Payment Option for Merchandise
  4. Promoting DOGE on Mainstream and Influencer Media Outlets
  5. Author’s Take

Multi Billionaire Elon Musk continues to be the famous driving force of the Dogecoin crypto marketing campaign. The Dogearmy has even dubbed the coin as an Elon Musk cryptocurrency. Despite the dip in the coin’s market value, Musk’s dedication to seeing it navigate the competitive crypto marketplace is evident. The Tesla owner brags about a large online fanbase willing to try out some of his business recommendations. Such influence informs the current attention paid to DOGE crypto assets by investors.

The following are strategies used by Musk to popularize the coin and contribute to its recent upwards trend:

Owning Dogecoin Assets 

Elon Musk revealed that he owns Bitcoin, Ether, and DOGE as the only cryptocurrencies in his portfolio. The revelation is a strategy for promoting the coin since he is a renowned businessman who makes informed investment decisions. The idea of Elon Musk Dogecoin is to invest money in the projects, which indicates its capacity to reach the highest levels. Elon Musk Dogecoin price prediction is that DOGE has a higher potential than any other cryptocurrency in his portfolio. The sentiments help to foster trust in the coin further.

Tweeting and Engaging in Online Conversations About DOGE 

Elon commands a large following of Twitter users who are willing to engage in different conversations all day long. First, his willingness to reply to and comment on tweets about the status of the crypto and its future potential is striking. His contributions attract several engagements with users sharing their experiences, fears, and recommendations about investing in cryptocurrency. Such conversations help educate the investors and prospects who follow keenly to learn the tricks involved. The amount of information provided in the Twitter threads is sufficient to help in making investment decisions favorable to DOGE.

Secondly, the billionaire uses his personal Twitter account to drive opinions about DOGE by giving regular inputs. The massive exposure the coin gets from the people engaging in his online feeds translates to a reasonable number of interested buyers. The positive impact of his tweets is visible in the DOGE price upturns whenever he gives positive views about its price predictions. Musk’s sustained promotion is responsible for maintaining interest in the coin despite the volatile period since the start of the year.

Finally, DOGE’s meme potential on Twitter is unrivaled by other cryptocurrencies. The coin started as a meme mocking other crypto projects with its co-developer jokingly saying all crypto are scams. Mr. Musk uses different types of funny memes of the coin’s dog depictions to troll other coins’ blockchain projects. Twitter culture appreciates good memes, and the coin’s potential makes it the most famous crypto on the platform giving it maximum exposure.

Integrating DOGE as a Payment Option for Merchandise

Elon recently announced that DOGE owners can now acquire Tesla merchandise using their digital assets. The same will be possible for those seeking to buy SpaceX products as soon as implementation of the necessary structures is possible. The decision is a marketing strategy driven by his belief that DOGE can become a future currency. Associating DOGE with the most valuable business establishment will raise its market demand and increase its value.

The attempt by Elon to take over Twitter is another event that will boost the market price of DOGE if successful. The announcement of his takeover triggered an immediate spike of more than twenty percent in the coin’s price. Despite the current standstill on the deal, its closure will see interest in the crypto shoot through the roof. One reason is Elon’s association with the coin is seen in his regular promotion. Another is his sentiment that Twitter users can pay in DOGE to get premium facilities for Twitter for business services.

Promoting DOGE on Mainstream and Influencer Media Outlets

Elon is a man who gets many invites as a guest to television talk shows where he talks about business and investment. Many hosts ask him about his relationship with DOGE and refer to him as the “Father of DOGE” during interviews. The coin’s persistent exposure to discussions about investment and risks makes it a subject in diverse conversations. Many consumers know more about the crypto than its competitors, making it a potential world-beater in 2022.

Elon also engages with many self-made influencers because of his availability to engage in public discourse upon request. His appearances on live spaces hosted by well-known individuals received a lot of online coverage. The billionaire talks positively about DOGE in the spaces, thereby, giving it more leverage on the crypto market.

Author’s Take

The interest of Elon Musk in Dogecoin derives from his personality as a billionaire who engages in the online meme culture. His interest in making the corporate spaces fun and open makes him likable among many millennials who contribute largely to the crypto market. DOGE’s history as a troll and its presence as a meme coin make it the perfect tool for Elon’s marketing antics. His mainstream and social media engagements where he promotes the crypto attract normal followers and interested investors. The future of DOGE is safe in his hands as crypto assets recover from recent declines.


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