Klaytn And ZetaChain To Advance Built-In Omnichain Interoperability

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  1. Klaytn Partnership With ZetaChain
  2. ZetaChain – Neutral Blockchain

Klaytn, the leading layer one blockchain in Asia, announced a partnership with cross-chain smart contract platform ZetaChain (ZETA). The firm has moved closer to multi-chain connectivity in line with its vision of an open metaverse.

Klaytn Partnership With ZetaChain

The relationship between Klaytn and ZetaChain would provide an ecosystem of more adaptable cross-chain applications, including multi-chain NFTs, cross-chain swaps, and DEXes. These technologies would offer greater liquidity and capital efficiency when transferring native assets between chains.

With ZetaChain integrated into Klaytn, developers can swiftly bring new and current smart contracts up to full interoperability. In the future, non-smart chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin would also be able to send data and value using these “omnichain” smart contracts, which now connect the blockchains Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and others. Klaytn is currently prepared to launch on the ZetaChain mainnet and is supported on the ZetaChain testnet. Using the Zeta Connector, developers may build and test smart contracts on ZetaChain. On the ZetaLabs testnet, users can now natively transfer assets to and from Klaytn and other related chains.

ZetaChain – Neutral Blockchain

ZetaChain is backed by a small group of individuals, including former Coinbase and Binance staff. This protocol-neutral blockchain allows generic omnichain smart contracts that link any blockchains, including non-smart contract blockchains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, without using bridges or wrapped tokens, including Ethereum, Ethereum L2 rollups, Solana, Terra, and Algorand. The platform on testnet just introduced a cross-chain swap of native assets. As beta testers, almost 190,000 users signed up within a few weeks.


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