Keywords In Crypto-Currency Trading

A guide that you would need as you start your billionaire journey in the world of crypto.

A. Lawrence (Crypto Pastor)

Book Author

I am A. Lawrence, I am a crypto trader and the CEO of CryptoBase.


I started reading crypto currency in 2017, and I know how difficult it is to understand the meaning of certain terms in crypto. 


Which is why I wrote this book.


I wrote this especially for the beginners in the crypto space, I believe this book would serve as a crypto dictionary for you, in it you’d find words that you may have seen or heard many crypto traders use.

Y. Mercy

Book Critic

By far one of the best resources any new crypto trader can invest in.

This book contains the required vocabulary to transform any beginner crypto-trader into an expert after a single read.

It fills the knowledge gap by explicitly explaining terms that you will come across when surfing crypto exchanges like Binance.