Keywords In Crypto-Currency Trading

A guide that you would need as you start your billionaire journey in the world of crypto.

So if I asked you now...


Well, that isn't neccesarily true.



I just don’t understand some people, you claim to be a crypto trader and you don’t know the right words that’s used in the crypto space


You judge it, yes you reading this…


Judge the matter


It’s just like a lawyer who doesn’t know the terms used in the court,


You can never ever practice law and be successful if you don’t defend or prosecute a case well, 


And for you to be able to do that, you need to know what words to use to drive home your point


Or an engineer that doesn’t know the terms used in the engineering Field, as far as COREN (the body that regulates the engineering practice in Nigeria) is concerned, you’re not an engineer.


For every single field you can think of,  there are terms that are peculiar to them.


And yes! 


It’s the same with business and the crypto space as well


There are words that are only peculiar to crypto traders.


For example, if a Crypto trader says “buy the dip” or “HODL”


A beginner trader will definitely not know the meaning


But here’s something you probably didn’t know,


The big guns of Crypto sometimes forget some terms too. 


It’s ok to have some of these words and even their meanings slip off your mind sometimes, but it is much better to have something handy to fall back to anytime you need a quick reminder of what some terms mean.


Which is why this would be of great help to you,


Now selling…

Keywords In Crypto-Currency Trading

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Keywords (Common terms) in Crypto currency trading is a mini crypto dictionary, a guide that you would need as you start your billionaire journey in the world of crypto.


It helps in making you familiar with terms and languages profitable trading experts use to pass vital information across that will be helpful in your trading journey.


I am A. Lawrence, I am a crypto trader and the CEO of CryptoBase.

I started reading crypto currency in 2017, and I know how difficult it is to understand the meaning of certain terms in crypto.


This is why I wrote this book.

I wrote this especially for the beginners in the crypto space,

I believe this book would serve as a crypto dictionary for you, in it you’d find words that you may have seen or heard many crypto traders use.

The keywords in Crypto trading costs a simple amount of N5,000.

The reason why it’s this cheap is that I know it’ll be of great help to you especially as a beginner in the crypto world.


Also, I just released it this month, so it’s fresh…


I’d still increase the price with time but for now, I will leave it at N5,000.