Israeli Parliament the First to Lend the Elected President the Declaration as an NFT

NFTs have reached the highest power in Israel as the country’s new President is set to receive a digital version of an oath signed by his father.

The Knesset, Israel’s unicameral legislative body, could become the world’s first government entity to employ blockchain technology, and more specifically – NFTs. The incoming President Isaac Herzog will reportedly receive an NFT of the original oath signed by his late father – the nation’s sixth President.

  • Born in 1960, Isaac Herzog is the President-elect of Israel who could go down in history as the first head of a country to receive a non-fungible token on his inauguration day.
  • Per a local report, Miki Levy, the Knesset Speaker, will hand him a digitized version of the original oath signed by his late father – Chaim Herzog. Interestingly, he was Israel’s sixth President.
  • The officials have acted fast on the matter as they found the oath in the Knesset archives a week ago.
  • It’s dated May 5th, 1983, and it reads that President Herzog I pledges to be “faithful to the State of Israel and its laws and to faithfully fulfill my role as President.”
  • His son, the incoming President, is expected to repeat the same oath upon his inauguration.
  • After the finding, the next Israeli head of state wanted to have the oath immortalized, and Knesset’s Technology and Computing Division decided to use the services of blockchain and NFT.
  • Non-fungible tokens have skyrocketed in popularity in previous months, with celebrities from every field rushing to launch their own to enhance fans’ engagement.


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