India’s Biggest Online Travel Company Leverages Polygon Blockchain for NFT Collection: Details

Polygon shares the news that “makemytrip,” one of India’s largest online travel companies, has launched its own travel-based NFT collection on Polygon-powered ngageNFT.

Since late 2021, Polygon has seen an influx of global brands launching NFT drops on its blockchain.

U.Today previously reported the Italian luxury fashion house Prada and sportswear giant Adidas building their first collaborative NFT project on Polygon blockchain.

Adidas had teamed up with Prada to launch a user-generated NFT art project, dubbed Adidas for Prada Re-Source.

Dolce & Gabbana also announced the expansion of its NFT universe on the Polygon blockchain following the launch of the DGFamily NFT community, in collaboration with UNXD.

In another groundbreaking milestone, Polygon recently announced that it has been selected as the official blockchain platform of Swiss city Lugano. The city of Lugano will develop its blockchain infrastructure with Polygon assisting in the process.

Lugano, the largest city in Switzerland’s Ticino canton, declared Bitcoin and Tether as “de facto” legal tender in a widely celebrated crypto adoption feat.

Polygon confirms full recovery of PoS infrastructure

Polygon network reports that the Polygon PoS chain has continued normal operations since this weekend’s Fix. Bridge features like deposits and withdrawals also resumed concluding the full recovery of the Polygon PoS infra. All funds were safe during the resolution of this issue, Polygon says.

On March 10, Polygon Network (MATIC) engineers disclosed issues with Heimdall, one of the layers of its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) design. To allow developers to safely fix it, the decision was taken to stop the transactions: the team warned users about the downtime.

However, the downtime lasted longer than expected. As Polygon (MATIC) users started heated debates on social media channels, the team issued a temporary fix to allow operations to resume.

In a permanent fix, the Polygon PoS team issued a Heimdall v0.2.7 patch to all validators, which solved a critical issue with the Heimdall chain and enabled the team to restore functionality on the Bridge.


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