How Someone Made $820K From ApeCoin’s Airdrop Via Flashloan

An unknown user managed to claim nearly $1 million worth of ApeCoin during the airdrop via a flashloan.

With the anticipation skyrocketing around BAYC’s launch of a new token, an unknown user gamed the system and received more than 60,000 APE tokens. After paying off the flash loan and the fees, they netted $820,000 (almost 300 ETH).

  • CryptoPotato reported yesterday the frenzy around the new ApeCoin that led to a pump and dump in Bored Ape Yacht Club’s floor price.
  • This happened because of people buying BAYC-related NFTs to participate in the highly-anticipated airdrop.
  • According to CertiK, an unknown user took advantage of the ongoing craze by claiming a large amount of ApeCoin in the airdrop.
  • They bought NFT number 1060 from OpenSea and used it as the flash loan fee to flash loan 5.2 BAYC tokens from the NFTX Vault – a platform allowing users to create liquid markets for illiquid NFTs. Users can deposit their NFTs into the vault and mint a fungible ERC20 token which can then be redeemed for specific NFTs from the vault.
  • The attacker used the borrowed BAYC tokens to redeem the following BAYC NFTs – 7594, 8214, 9915, 8167, and 4755.
  • Owning so many BAYC NFTs allowed the attacker to claim APE tokens for each, resulting in a total amount of 60,564 APE. They sold the majority on the market for ETH.
  • After that, the attacker minted BAYC NFTs to BAYC tokens to pay back the flash loan and fees. Ultimately, they netted 293 ETH, worth just over $820,000 as of today’s prices.


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