Hands-On With TradingView ‘All Time Highs’ Bitcoin & Stock Tarot Cards

Bitcoin and the stock market over the last year has transcended pop culture, and been fully embraced by the world of memes and the mainstream.

What started as an April fool’s day joke earlier in the year, has since turned into a dream come true for this very trader who adores the occult and unorthodox. TradingView has graciously shared a pack of their limited edition All Time Highs finance-focused tarot cards, which we’ve now had the chance to dig into. Here’s a hands-on look at the most unique tarot cards the trading community has ever seen.

TradingView Sends NewsBTC Team To New All Time Highs

TradingView is the de-facto technical analysis software used by the cryptocurrency industry. It isn’t uncommon in traditional finance to see the likes of Bloomberg terminal, Optuma, or Symbolik by Thomas DeMark. But hands down when it comes to accessibility and easy to use tools that anyone can pick up and get started with technical analysis, there’s no touching TradingView.

bitcoin tradingview
TradingView charts like this BTC one are easy to use BTCUSD on TradingView.com

NewsBTC almost exclusively uses TradingView charts in content, which is why our curiosity was so piqued by the very believable April fool’s prank the company played earlier this year.


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