Elon Musk Believes Dogecoin Is His “Private Stimulus” for People

While the government is handing out cash to its people to shore up the pandemic-ravaged economy, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the second-richest person on the planet, took the matter into his own hands with Dogecoin. In his most recent tweet, the billionaire entrepreneur claims he views the meme cryptocurrency as his “private stimulus.”

The coin’s massive surge is widely attributed to Musk’s Doge-related memes that instantly result in price spikes.

Your stimulus could be worth $13.9 million Dogecoin has increased roughly 1,160,000 percent since last March when the U.S. government started sending the first batch of $1,200 stimulus checks. Those who invested this cash into Doge right away, could have pocketed around $13.9 million.


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