DGB Technical Analysis: Support Range of 23.5% Fibonacci Level Between $0.10249 and $0.08030

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DigiByte is an open-source blockchain whose aim is to improve the bitcoin blockchain’s security, capacity, and transaction speed. It was first mined in the year 2014 and the development began in the year 2013. It features node communication to shorten the period of transferring any message. The following DGB technical analysis will predict price momentum for the next two days:

Past Performance

In the past week, DGB has traded between $0.1649 and $0.131. Thus, the price surged roughly around 25% in the past week. And in the last 24 years, the price has roughly increased by 7.87%. From a low of $0.1383 to $0.155.

Day Ahead And Tomorrow

Currently, DGB is trading at $.0.01053 nearly 7.53% up from the 24-hour low. Thus showing a very bullish stick on the daily chart.

The MACD and signal lines are in the positive zone of DGB and may follow the trend for a while. However, a big change in the volume can provide a better look at the trend. Till the time signal line is above the MACD line, we can see a short pullback for the next big move.On the other hand, the leading indicator RSI is currently in the neutral zone and has been showing more potential for the upside trend. If supported by volume, RSI can give a trend reversal sign, and we may look towards the bearish side. Till then, the trend is moving upward and RSI has more potential than it can cover.DGB Technical AnalysisAs per the trend, if we look at the Fibonacci levels for the key levels. On the bullish side, we can see the next level to break is the $0.15953. The next strong move can be towards $0.18400, which is a strong resistance. If the price breaks the level, the bullish trend will continue.

However, if the price starts to decline from this place, which is a bit difficult to move. $0.13215 level has strong support on the daily chart and can again send the price above from the level. Moreover, if it still breaks that level, we have to look for $0.11991, which can likely break and form a bearish trend. The key support range of 23.5% Fibonacci level is between $0.10249 and $0.08030.


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