DexGuru is Introducing Its DAO With a Unique Community-First Approach

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  1. DexGuru DAO And Trading Terminal

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have a big vision of dynamic, utopian communities owned and controlled by their members, with each person having a voice in how assets are allocated and things should be run. But unfortunately, DAOs frequently start centralized; in many cases, crucial choices have already been made by the DAO’s core team before the majority of its members have even joined. However, there is a shift in the atmosphere.

DexGuru DAO And Trading Terminal

One soon-to-be-launched DAO is determined to fix the situation by involving its 10,000-strong community in critical decision-making. It’s being launched by the DexGuru community, a popular trading and analytics website, and users will be able to shape GuruDAO and its associated token even before it goes live. The DexGuru trading terminal was introduced in 2020 to provide the finest user experience and real-time data across all DEX markets, allowing for accurate on-chain research and robust data analytics. It wants to build a DAO, similar to many other crypto initiatives, to empower its community of users to control the project’s direction. It’s an unusual strategy; most projects don’t give users a say in the process or allocate voting rights to community members before their tokenomics are decided.


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