Dave Portnoy Disasgrees with Donald Trump That Bitcoin is a Scam

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy said he disagrees with Donald Trump and that bitcoin’s not a scam.

The CEO and founder of Barstool Sports – Dave Portnoy – admitted that at the beginning, he thought Bitcoin was a ”Ponzi scheme.” Eventually, he changed his stance and even opposed Donald Trump, who called the primary cryptocurrency a ”scam.”

Trump Is Wrong

In a recent interview for ”Varney & Co,” the founder of Barstool Sports – Dave Portnoy – shared his current view on bitcoin and the crypto market. He revealed that years ago, when the primary digital asset was introduced, it looked like a ”Ponzi scheme” to him, but later he started realizing its merit:

”I thought when Bitcoin was first introduced and for a long time that it was a Ponzi scheme. I’ve come around on it. It’s too widely accepted, there are too many people using it, too many big people believe in it, too many stores accepting it. There’s liquidity. You can get in and out of it easily.”

Recently, the ex-US president Donald Trump said Bitcoin looks like a scam and backed up the dollar as the ”world’s currency.” Portnoy opposed Trump even though he also had his doubts about the asset in its first years :

”I don’t know what it started as, but I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a scam now.”

Later on, the founder of Barstool Sports commented on the recent decline of the crypto market. He raised hopes that soon enough, digital assets will increase their fiat currency value. In his opinion, investors should be patient with them and hold on ”for the long game:.”

”Crypto isn’t going anywhere but it’s hard to brag about how great everything is going when you are down 50%.”

Portnoy’s Change of Heart

In September 2020, Portnoy pointed out that bitcoin lacks accountability due to the anonymity of Satoshi Nakamoto. As a result, if investors end up losing money or being scammed, they would prefer to know who’s the person behind the entire operation. He went even further, calling it ”one big Ponzi scheme.”

It is worth mentioning that at some point, Dave Portnoy invested in the primary digital asset. He tweeted about a loss of $25,000 and stated that he currently owns zero bitcoins. Additionally, he vowed to interact with the stock market rather than the crypto one:

”I don’t need this. I know how the stock market works. I own the stock market. This Bitcoin – I don’t trust this market at all.”

In any case, it now seems that he has changed his stance on the primary cryptocurrency and he even flat-out said that he was wrong about it.


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