Crypto Market Tanks 14% to 3-Month Low Under $1.35 Trillion, Ethereum (ETH) Under $2000

  • Overall crypto market loses $250 billion with Bitcoin (BTC) going all the way to $33,000.
  • Ethereum has dropped 20% under $2000 registered a nearly 60% correction from its all-time high of $4400.

On Sunday, May 23, the cryptocurrency market has extended its weekly losses further tanking another 14% and moving to a 3-month low of under $1.35 trillion. Over the last week, the crypto market has almost eroded nearly $900 billion following a major crackdown from China.

China’s decision to ban crypto miners and traders has put severe pressure on Bitcoin (BTC) and other altcoins. At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading 13.63% down trading at $33,136 with a market cap of $620 billion.

The BTC price has corrected nearly 50% from its all-time high above $64,000 last month in April 2021. Over the last week, bitcoin has lost over $250 billion from its valuations. With the recent crash, BTC’s year-to-date gains have now dropped to just around 10%. Over the last week, Bitcoin (BTC) registered the largest ever spike in its 12-year history in its trading volumes and social volumes.

Ethereum (ETH) Dips Under $2000, Altcoin Market Crashes

Ethereum (ETH), the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency has also tanked nearly 60% over the last week. From an all-time high above $4400, the ETH price has tanked 19% today slipping under $2000 with its market cap no at $224 billion.

Over $170 billion have been eroded from the altcoin market in the last 24 hours. Binance Coin (BNB) has slipped 3 ranks down to the number 5 spot dropping 26% today. The BNB price has tanked nearly 60% over the last week.

Cardano’s ADA is also down 24% with its weekly losses extending to 50%. The ADA price has tanked all the way from $2.30 to now just at $1.17 and its market cap now at $37 billion.

There’s a major bloodbath in the altcoin space with almost all of the top ten cryptocurrencies losing between 25-30% and extending their weekly losses in the range of 50-60%. China’s crackdown has played a major impact on the crypto market turning the market momentum topsy-turvy. A majority of the big exchanges from China have started suspending crypto trading services for Chinese citizens.


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