CoinDCX creates the industry’s first-ever sign-language driven cryptocurrency tutorial

CoinDCX has released a video tutorial for the hearing impaired as part of their DCXLearn project. This is in honour of International Sign Language Day. The goal is to raise cryptocurrency knowledge among differently-abled people, such as those who are deaf.

Internation Sign Language Day

As defined by the UN, International Sign Language Day is a ‘unique opportunity’ to promote and safeguard all deaf people and other sign language users’ linguistic identities and cultural diversity. Moreover, the World Federation of the Deaf declares “We Sign For Human Rights” as the theme for 2021, underlining how deaf and hearing people worldwide should work together to promote the acknowledgement of our right to use sign languages in all aspects of life.

CoinDCX takes the initiative to make use of this ‘unique opportunity’ and to spread the message of inclusivity and awareness.

Crypto Community Expresses Gratitude

Additionally, on Twitter and YouTube, several members of the crypto community expressed their gratitude towards CoinDCX for the video. Mr Rajesh Ketkar, Joint Secretary at Mook Badhir Mandal (MBM) and a top sign language specialist and educator in India, is featured in the Crypto tutorial.

Mr Ketkar uses sign language to translate the words spoken while presenting the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Additionally, as visual assistance, the video includes bullet points for each topic addressed. Additionally, the video by CoinDCX provides a comprehensive lesson for everyone, including the hearing challenged, and is not just for Deaf individuals.

CoinDCX Takes The First Step

With such protections in place, crypto exchanges are increasing inclusiveness and attempting to outperform the traditional financial industry. We can only hope that the rest of the industry follows CoinDCX’s lead.


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