Coincidence? Bitcoin saw its highs and lows on ‘Turnaround Tuesdays’ in June

A curious pattern has emerged as Bitcoin stays stuck in its defined trading range between $30,000 and $40,000.

Bitcoin (BTC) is printing a new price indicator this month — and it may not involve anything more than the day of the week.

In its latest Telegram market update on June 30, crypto trading firm QCP Capital revealed that its “Turnaround Tuesdays” indicator had caught all of the past month’s BTC price extremes.

Bitcoin seals a month of “Turnaround Tuesdays”

According to the analysts, Bitcoin, despite trading in a predictable range with few deviations, has still displayed patterns of behavior in recent weeks.

In focus is what BTC/USD does on Tuesdays. The past four weeks have seen the pair deliver either highs or lows within its range each Tuesday, with this week being no exception.

“The pattern this month thus far has been for Tuesdays to mark the range swing highs & lows,” QCP  confirmed on Twitter on June 22.

Since then, a brief dip below $30,000 has occurred, with this “technical alert” then setting up $30,000 as support.

“Leaning on this, we’ve formed a moderately bullish bias,” the market update summarized.

BTC/USD chart with “Turnaround Tuesdays” highlighted.

QCP has a target of just below $40,000 for BTC/USD, with this remaining unfulfilled after this Tuesday’s (June 29) high peaked at $36,630.

Underappreciated Bitcoin landmarks

As Cointelegraph reported, Bitcoin price action is, for many analysts, out of step with reality.

As multiple indicators flash “oversold” for BTC/USD, attention is focusing on ridding the market of selling pressure to allow for an organic run-up to challenge resistance levels.

This pressure is expected to come from institutional investors in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust when it unlocks a significant tranche of BTC later in July. 

For QCP, meanwhile, it is the pioneering adoption announcement from El Salvador that needs more recognition.

“On a broader note, we think that the market might be underpricing the recent acceptance of crypto by sovereigns (El Salvador and Paraguay),” the update continued.

“These might not be huge countries but we think it is a watershed in BTC’s transition from a speculative instrument to an investment-grade asset.”


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