Cardano’s (ADA) Pioneering ICO Revuto (REVU) Raises $10 Million: Details


Revuto (REVU), a multi-purpose decentralized financial protocol, shares the results of its tokensale. It is the first time that a crypto project has raised funds on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

First ICO on Cardano (ADA) completed successfully

According to official announcements on the results of the tokensale, its public stage ended in less than 90 minutes. REVU tokens were sold to Tier-1 Early Bird investors in 30 minutes, and to all Tier-2 investors in 18 minutes.

Also, it took 42 minutes for Revuto (REVU) to raise funds from retail supporters in the “Community Sale” stage.

During the most overheated stages of this ICO, the Cardano (ADA) mempool was congested by the transactions of ADA holders interested in the REVU tokensale.

Yoroi, a Cardano (ADA) wallet for end users, witnessed issues with transactions processing due to enormous pressure on the network.


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