Cardano (ADA) to Have Its Own DeFi Hub with Launchpad and DEX: Details

Backed by top-profile developers from EMURGO, Astarter decentralized finances (DeFi) hub is going to onboard pioneers of building on Cardano (ADA).

Introducing Astarter: DEXMoney Market, Launchpad, Services

According to the official announcement by the Astarter team, its product goes live to meet the requirements of 140+ early-stage companies ready to utilize Cardano (ADA) smart contracts.

Introducing Astarter, a DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano backed by EMURGO @emurgo_io. Astarter is going to build a launchpad, decentralized exchange, money market and tech service dApps on the Cardano blockchain. Check out our blog to learn more!— Astarter (@Astarter_Pad) September 16, 2021

Its list of modules will include ADEX, a pioneering decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange on Cardano (ADA).

Then, the Launchpad will be released to accelerate fundraising for early-stage Cardano-focused teams. The listing on the Launchpad will be 100% permissionless.

The Money Market services module will act as a user-friendly lending/borrowing environment for ADA and other native assets of Cardano (ADA).

Finally, Tech Service solutions kit is designed to upgrade the developer experience within the nascent Cardano (ADA) ecosystem.

Charles Hoskinson warns about impersonators

As the adoption of Cardano (ADA) smart contracts gains steam, more and more impersonators are attempting to lure investors, developers and Cardano (ADA) enthusiasts.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of IOG, yet again reiterated that he has no pages on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Another reminder to everyone, I do not have a Linkedin page nor an Instagram account. If you get contacted by a Charles Hoskinson there, then it’s a fake account— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 16, 2021

As such, every attempt to contact an Instagram and LinkedIn user on behalf of Mr. Hoskinson is 100% a scam.

As U.Today previously reported, Mr. Hoskinson was attacked by the victims of scammers who utilized his name.


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