CEO Brendan Blumer Announces Successful Trial of New Product. What is EdenOS?

ContentsFirst EdenOS trial is completed successfullyAdvancing blockchain-based governance on EOS.IO

Entrepreneur and investor Brendan Blumer, founder of the company tasked with EOS.IO (EOS) open source software development, shares the last update of the EdenOS governance platform.First EdenOS trial is completed successfullyMr. Blumer has taken to Twitter to congratulate enthusiasts of EOS.IO-based project EdenOS with its first major milestone.

He stressed that EdenOS is a “new but exciting” exploration for developers and the community. This experiment will bring new opportunities to the decentralized governance segment.Ten days ago, former CTO Daniel Larimer announced that his devs deployed an alpha-demo of the testnet tailored to EdenOS.Once this element of EdenOS was ready, the process of invitations to the system began. On May 13, 2021, the inaugural voting (Eden Alpha Mock Elections) began.Advancing blockchain-based governance on EOS.IOEdenOS should be considered a system for the collaboration of blockchain enthusiasts that ensures peaceful coordination and nonviolent communication. It pioneers the concept of fractal democratic governance.The new ecosystem will utilize the EOS.IO platform for its transactions as well as EOS cryptocurrency for its in-app needs.

By press time, EdenOS is comprised of smart contract architecture based on Eosio 2.0 documentation and social media resources.


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