Bitcoin To Meteorically Rise 15x, Says Crypto Analyst Lark Davis – Here’s When

Crypto investor and analyst Lark Davis believes Bitcoin is poised to reach a six-figure price as its fundamentals continue to grow at an exponential rate.

The digital asset analyst tells his nearly 400,000 Twitter followers that the flagship cryptocurrency will meteorically rise and exceed the price of half a million dollars in the coming years.

The crypto analyst adds that some of Bitcoin’s advantages over gold include its scarcity and divisibility.

“Another mega important aspect is that Bitcoin has a verifiable and fixed max supply. For gold, there is no way to audit all the existing mined gold on earth, let alone the unfound gold on earth, and the total amount of gold in the universe…. which will be a lot…

Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million individual units with ease. That is 1.00000000. Gold, in theory, can be divided into tiny fractions, but unless you are carrying a bag of gold dust, this is hard to do. Standard units of gold are the ounce, which cannot be easily divided.”

Davis also highlights that he’s seeing widespread Bitcoin adoption as the leading cryptocurrency has an edge over gold in terms of use case.

“Bitcoin is increasing in adoption at an exponential rate. Merchants worldwide accept BTC and more are joining all the time. Gold is primarily a tool for investors, central banks and industry. Paying for things in gold is almost non-existent.”

While it may seem a bit late to hop on the Bitcoin bandwagon after it printed an all-time high of $64,000, the popular YouTuber emphasizes that BTC is still in its early days.

“Imagine being able to buy gold before it became worth a 10 trillion dollar market cap. That is Bitcoin now.”


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