Bitcoin Could Drop Further As Market Remains Antsy, Says Crypto Analyst

Bitcoin could be on its way lower before finding a bottom, according to an up-and-coming on-chain crypto analyst.In a tweetstorm, the analyst known as Dilution Proof says that Bitcoin (BTC) is looking shaky and an event that flushes weak hands is in the cards.

“The Bitcoin market is pretty antsy & price could dip again to shake out more weak hands.However, if you have conviction in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects & realize that recent events were just FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), there is only one thing you can do……HODL on.”The analyst takes note of a sentiment index that shows traders are much more bullish during the current correction than other local bottoms. According to Dilution Proof, the prevailing sentiment could mean Bitcoin has more downside potential.“According to this Bull & Bear Index (based on Bitcointalk, Reddit & Twitter), the Bitcoin sentiment was less bearish during this Elon-dip than previous local bottoms.Could mean that:1) Current sentiment is less bearish2) Bottom is not in yet3) Indicator has (selection) bias”

Despite some warning signs in the flagship crypto asset’s price action, Dilution Proof remains long-term bullish on Bitcoin and cites a few indicators suggesting that BTC is presenting buying opportunities, rather than finishing a bull run.He notes that during the “Elon-dip,” or the downward price movement largely attributed to Elon Musk’s tweets criticizing Bitcoin’s fossil fuel consumption, BTC’s adjusted Spent Output Profit Ratio (aSOPR), which quantifies how many coins moving on-chain are doing so at a loss or profit, was reset.“Historically, those have been good times to buy the ******* dip (BTFD) – unless you think we’ve just hit an overall market cycle top.”


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