Badger DAO (BADGER) and REEF Technical Analysis: Bulls Take Charge

Table of ContentsREEFPast Performance of REEFDay-Ahead and What to ExpectREEF/USDT Price AnalysisBadger DAO (BADGER)Past Performance of BADGERDay-Ahead and What to ExpectBADGER/USDT Price AnalysisREEF is in range, but REEF/USDT may race to $0.05. On the other hand, Badger DAO’s interest is growing. As such, BADGER/USDT could expand to $50.REEFThe Polkadot-based DeFi project allows for cross-chain trading. Among their product offerings include a smart liquidity aggregator and a yield engine. REEF is its main token.Past Performance of REEFAs of writing on May 8, the REEF price stands at $0.04, adding nine percent versus BTC but roughly 15 percent against ETH and BTC. Overly, prices are within a $0.006 price range on the last day but in a bullish course.

Trading volumes are also up 86 percent to $218 million on the last day.Day-Ahead and What to ExpectREEF/USDT prices remain in a ranging market, as the technical analysis reveals. Despite traders’ optimism, there are clear resistances that REEF bulls must overcome.The good news for optimists is that prices have been trading within a $0.025 zone with reaction levels at $0.025 and $0.05.The middle BB is flat, pointing to a stable market where bulls and bears are in equilibrium.

REEF/USDT Price Analysis

The uptrend is still valid despite the price being in a consolidation.For REEF/USDT buyers to be in control, then bulls must close above $0.05. This opens up REEF to $0.09—the 1.618 Fibonacci retracement of the last four months.Losses below $0.03 may see REEF correct back to $0.025 in the medium-term.

Badger DAO (BADGER)The project aims to bring BTC to DeFi and the masses. Its native token is BADGER.Past Performance of BADGERBADGER, despite initial excitement, is now bottoming up after dipping on launch.At spot rates, BADGER is up 16 percent on the last day versus the USD.Meanwhile, it has posted double-digit gains against the BTC and ETH. Overly, the path of the least resistance, judging from BADGER technical analysis, is northwards.Participation has increased. Trading volumes are up 3.5X to $119 million.Day-Ahead and What to ExpectThe uptrend is valid as long as BADGER bulls support prices above $35.In the medium term, BADGER/USDT traders expect higher highs toward crucial resistance levels and buy targets at $50 and $65—the coin’s all-time high judged from BADGER/USD price action.

BADGER/USDT Price Analysis

BADGER/USDT is bottoming up, and buyers are in control.The uptick in trading volumes and the sharp expansion of prices above $35 triggered aggressive BADGER bulls. As long as BADGER/USDT prices are above $35, the first buy target is $50—April 2021 high.Contraction below $30 may trigger a sell-off back to the April 2021 lows of $23.


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