4Signals That the Bitcoin Crash Might Soon Reach a Local Bottom

Negative sentiment in the cryptocurrency market is hitting lows across the board. However, it might be worth paying attention to signals which might indicate a possible bullish reversal in the short-term

A bullish case isn’t on many people’s minds – but signs are cropping up that Bitcoin may indeed be headed for a trend reversal. Here are some signs explaining why BTC might be overdue for a renewed uptick.

Bitcoin reached its all-time high of almost $65K on April 14, 2021, a little over a month ago. However, over the past 10 days the price violently broke down from the $50K mark and even reached $30K last Wednesday.

Bearish sentiment affected the whole crypto market, as altcoins suffered even more: ETH, which saw its all-time high of $4400 just 11 days ago, dropped below $1800 earlier today, before a slight correction as of writing these lines.

Where is the bottom for this ongoing crypto bloodbath? No one knows, but it might be worth keeping an eye on the following optimistic signals.

Crypto Fear & Greed Index: Remember April 2020?

The crypto fear & greed index is now at levels not seen since April 2020, which is about the time when the last crypto market crash occurred, taking BTC down below $4,000, losing over 50% in two days at the peak of the pandemic “Black Thursday.

In hindsight, it was an amazing time to buy in, but it wasn’t necessarily obvious back then. These days, Bitcoin has fallen over 50% from its ~$65,000 high down to $30,000 on Wednesday – is the index right once again, and is this crash a blessing in disguise for people with stablecoins on the sidelines?


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